About us


E.E. Bartlett Ltd was founded in 1979, originally serving the farming community of nearby Great Yarmouth and Norfolk.

Although founded in 1979, we can trace our history back to the 1930's, when we originally served the local community delivering own produced farming goods.

By the late 1970's, we began to diversify our services and offerings, branching into the general road haulage business, in a time shortly following the privatization of the road haulage industry in the UK in the 1960's.

Between 1979 and the late 1990's, we have offered many services such as 8-wheel tippers, flat bed lorries, plant hire and also including our core sector, septic tank emptying which commenced in 1985.

Now, we have a modern, comprehensive fleet offering road haulage services including abnormal loads movement, general flat bed haulage, general curtinsider haulage and also specialist movements for cars, machinery etc., alongside our septic tank emptying services.

In 2019, we will celebrate our 40th anniversary, in which time we have clocked up over 45 million miles, turned the steering wheel billions of times and written out billions of delivery tickets.