About Bartlett's


A haulage company with a heritage back to the 1930's.


Although we were founded in 1979 as E.E. Bartlett, a history spanning 40+ years we can trace our haulage heritage back to the 1930's when we originally delivered farming products such as hay, straw and other produce to local shops and other farms from Great Yarmouth.

In 1979, a new company founded under the name of E.E. Bartlett started trading in Great Yarmouth, serving the local area before later expanding in the early 1980's into domestic UK haulage throughout the four corners of Britain.

We have had many different operations over the years including eight wheeler tippers, warehousing and distribution as well as articulated tipper work within Great Yarmouth for a local fertisiler distributer.

In 1995, we started our septic tank emptying service which took over from the local council operated service where we were the only operator in the area, but we have still remained the number one choice in the area despite new competitors arriving and leaving.

In 2019, we celebrated our 40th anniversary and as of 2022, we are now one of Great Yarmouth's oldest established hauliers and we plan to keep the history going as we look on the horizon to bigger and better opportunities!

Our history timeline.


Our original traces as a haulage company are founded, cementing the formation of what would later become E.E. Bartlett.


E.E. Bartlett is founded as it's own company, creating the company that is operating today.


We opened our Eurocentre depot, moving from previously occupied and very small premises at South Denes.


We started our septic tank emptying service, becoming the only provider in the area and still the number one choice to this day.


We celebrated our 40th anniversary, becoming one of Great Yarmouth's oldest established hauliers.


26 years on from when we first started septic tank emptying, we have expanded the service to now include more parts of Lowestoft and Beccles.